Teo – an app to improve the life quality of people dealing with metabolic diseases.
The app was developed by design students of the Mediadesign University Munich (MD.H München) in partnership with the »Dr. von Haunersche Kinderspital« (Dr. von Haunersche Children's Hospital) in cooperation with the »Ludwig-Maximilians-University« in Munich.
It aims to provide solutions to common problems appearing when dealing with metabolic diseases. Everyday situations, such as managing nutrition protocols, medicaments and sobriety periods are easy handle with »Teo«. Also, the app includes a complete catalog of all clinics specialized in dealing with metabolic related emergencies.
On this page you are able to see the accompanying branding for the app. Through a corporate communication, Teo gains trust and credibility and becomes a »companion« alongside the user through their individual journey. (If you would like to know more about the concept behind the app, head over to the »Teo – Concept« project. 
At the moment, Teo is being fully programmed and will be available in the Apple App and Google Play Store by the end of 2015 (in German). Also, it will be represented at the »Rare Diseases Day 2016« in Munich in early 2016.
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