Wir Sind Regensburg | We Are Regensburg

This project aims to create an image-campaign for the urban administration of my hometown »Regensburg« in Germany. The challenge was to find a way to visually free the urban administration from dust and create an identity with a sense of humor and a bright, welcoming smile. 

We wanted the visual identity to incorporate some of the most beautiful sights of the city. Thus, we created a system that combines the most important historic buildings in and around Regensburg and translates them into a graphic mosaic as explained below and seen above.  

This is the official logo of the campaign in combination with the mosaic:

Next, we made the motto of the campaign a movement and invited all citizens to participate. »Wir sind Regensburg« becomes #WirSindRegensburg.

Furthermore we thought: »Regensburg and its people are pretty great… why not tell them?« 

Thus, as another element of the campaign, we included kind words of appreciation, that are a declaration of love from the city to its people.

Another important part was to include the people that work in urban administration in the campaign. Therefore we used the elements of the mosaic to create a poster campaign.


Thanks for watching :-)

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