The reason why I produce work…
… is to reflect on collective and individual concerns. My work is an invitation to consider, reflect, challenge, and feel. 
I create spacial, visual, and conceptual dialogues, using language as my medium, in order to present a multitude of perspectives and critical voices around topics such as freedom, borders, and migration.
The language that I work with often comes from journalistic, academic, or poetic research and aim to find a balance between the emotional and rational, the literal and the abstract.
I became aware of the need to engage with a topic in a more systematic way, as I was setting up a non-profit association – Good Friends e.V. – to facilitate integration-programs for young asylum seekers in my hometown. 
When I think about the audience of my work I ask myself, how does the work introduce itself to the audience? How does it unfold and reveal the often complex layers of information it contains? How can the surrounding space be used to continue the conversation? 
Often, my work relates to fragments of myself, like words in a sentence. These words, my vocabulary, come from moments of deep sadness, honest reflection, and truthful empathy.

This Gif was the invitation to all collaborators who contributed to PODIUM,  an annual publication remodeling contemporary questions within the socio-political context.